The Beautiful State of Limit Less Ness

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The Beautiful State of Limit Less Ness

November 9, 2017 Uncategorized 1

We’re all taught to have goals for external things (wealth etc.), but we’re not taught to have internal goals (goals for how we want to feel when we’re achieving things in life).

The journey from your limited self to limitless consciousness takes discipline .

Many of us see our lives as having some kind of confines, this journey is about discovering that the only confines that exist are in our mind and that if we change our view of the world, we will see that there are actually limitless possibilities.

The foundation principles to move to limitless consciousness, is to understand that we can only exist in one of two states; a limited state or a beautiful state.

You must make a very conscious choice about which state you live in.

By way of example, a limited state (also referred to as a suffering state) can include guilt, anger, sadness, fear, stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness etc. whereas a beautiful state can include happiness, joy, love, connection, gratitude etc.

When you are in a limited state everything is hard, you feel negative, you feel like you “got out of the wrong side of bed”.

From a limited state you can feel as if things will never get better or go your way, you feel limited. When you are in a beautiful state life seems effortless, you have more ideas, everything seems to “go your way”.

From a beautiful state you can manifest great health, wealth and relationships, you feel as if you can do anything and opportunities are limitless.

A state is not about the things that you experience externally, but is about how you respond to external stimulus internally.

Life is full of challenges, but the important thing is how you respond to these challenges.

The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your responses in these situations.

It’s not just about experiencing a beautiful state for a moment, it’s about functioning and operating from a beautiful state in every moment.

Everything we do can come from a beautiful state, each and every day.

On reflection, one can not exist with out the other . Discipline comes by making changes  :

  1. Create a vision of your limitlessness .
  2. Start everyday to set you up to live your day from a beautiful state.
  3. To ensure you recognise which state you are in and consciously choose to be in a beautiful state. After all, if you have the choice between a suffering state or a beautiful state, wouldn’t you chose a beautiful state ?


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