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Building Limitless Organizations — The New Game Changing Business Model

The Book Limitless Organizations gives tremendous insights into what is happening in the Accelerating Technologies space that lend platform centricity to realize Limit Less organizations .

Why Limitless Organizations : In this wonderful book it is explained how an Limitless Organizations is the one whose impact (or output) is disproportionally large – at least 10 x larger – compared to it’s peers because of the use of new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating technologies.

There is a special breed of motivation behind such Limitless Organization . There’s a name for this breed of motivation. It’s called Limitless Transformative Purpose or LTP. Setting out to solve big problems brings purpose and meaning to work—it gives us a compelling reason to get out of bed in the morning and face another day.

As we learn in this book to say, “Find something you would die for, and live for it” , the more we organize around limitless transformative purpose, the harder we’ll work, the more dedicated we’ll be, the faster we can solve big problems—and maybe most importantly, the more fulfilled we’ll feel about the work we do.

Study of this phenomenon for last thirty years gives rise to the following signature observations:
1. First, the doubling pattern identified by Gordon Moore in integrated circuits applies to any information technology. Futurist Kurzweil , the Chief Engineer at Google calls this the Law of Accelerating Returns (LOAR) and shows that doubling patterns in computation extend all the way back to 1900, far earlier than Moore’s original pronouncement.
2. Second, the driver fueling this phenomenon is information. Once any domain, discipline, technology or industry becomes information-enabled and powered by information flows, its price/performance begins doubling approximately annually.
3. Third, once that doubling pattern starts, it doesn’t stop. We use current computers to design faster computers, which then build faster computers, and so on.
4. Finally, several key technologies today are now information-enabled and following the same trajectory. Those technologies include: artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, biotech and bioinformatics, medicine, neuroscience, data science, 3D printing, nanotechnology , BlockChain , internet of things and even aspects of energy

The book makes you through the evolution dial of what has happened so far , then toe the possibility canvas of where mankind is headed , then to probability futures where you deal with the future world timelines , and then the next cycle of the evolution dial . An interesting study is that in 2 years if the doubling pattern continues , then mankind shall be living to 150 yrs. minimum ( don’t die then for 2 yrs at least ) J . What the society shall look in those time of longevity is considered and detailed out . Another example is that in future we shall have our personality algorithms dating each other before we think of dating in the real world . No one shall own a personal car anymore . We shall be jetting around in vacuum based pipes . We shall become a interstellar species and that shall be a phenomenal jump into the understanding of us and the world around us . This and much more .

Following other dimensions of Limitless organizations are also considered :
· Crowd Sourcing of work , Boundary Less Value Creation , Algorithms , Non Leveraged , Collective Assets , Distributed Engagement

Get your copies today to define your LTP and drive the change towards a Limitless Future full of Abundant Possibilities .

Stay Limitless Forever !!!!!