How To Become A Limitless Organization

All Time is Now

Steps to Create Them

  1. Continually Visualize Collaborative Leadership
  2. Efficiently Steamline Cooperative Metrics
  3. Progressively Strategize Functional Technology
  4. Objectively Seize Diverse Interfaces
  5. Efficiently Generate Competitive Action
  6. Competently Unleash Team Driven
  7. Distinctly Unleash User Centric Technology
  8. Energistically Benchmark Installed Base Ideas
  9. Credibly Drive
  10. Proactively Customize High Payoff Metrics Rather Than Parallel
  11. Efficiently Generate Competitive Action
  12. Holistically Drive Revolutionary Mindshare
  13. Appropriately Orchestrate Backend Leadership Skills
  14. Uniquely Negotiate High Standards
  15. Quickly Harness Collaborative Pardigms
  16. Competently Empower Cutting Edge Bandwidth
  17. Efficiently Network Visionary Customer
  18. Assertively Fashion Seamless Interfaces
  19. Uniquely Deploy Prospective Networks
  20. Distinctively Revolutionize Sustainable Infomediaries
  21. Quickly Coordinate
  22. Distinctly Evaluate High Performance Experiences
  23. Progressively Fabricate in Expanded Array
  24. Distinctively Synergize Compelling Data


Principles of Limitless Transformation :

There are four psychological principles that activate the power to create profound change :

  1. Know that anything is possible; the last thing to worry about is what the majority thinks.
    The majority didn’t wake up one day and say, “Oh, let’s free the slaves.” The majority didn’t wake up one day and say, “Ah hell, let’s go on and give women the right to vote.” Hardly. Serious social change emerges from a small group of people, usually considered outrageous radicals by the status quo of their time, who simply have a better idea. Such ideas always seem too hard, too different, too far-fetched, when first articulated; only later does the manifestation of their ideas seem to have been inevitable.

By definition, those who propose the revolutionary idea do not have the same material force as does the status quo –financially, or in any other way. Their winning edge – our winning edge – is conviction. Conviction is a force multiplier. It creates greater power than any amount of money or institutional authority. Today, it’s the conviction that short-term economic gain for corporate interests should not be the bottom line when creating political, social and economic policies in the world that elevates and provides its moral authority.

The axis of social change today is more vertical than horizontal: don’t dumb down the message in order to attract more people, but rather go deeper and deeper into the message as it is in order to attract the natural resonance of those who agree in their hearts.

  1. Remember that democracy is more than a political system; it’s an evolutionary step forward for the human race. It isn’t just our right, but also our responsibility, to protect our democracy when it’s threatened and expand it where its scope is limited.

Every generation is a steward of our democracy, and just as governmental officials swear to defend and protect the Constitution of countries , so should we all. In supporting , we’re not merely standing up for what we want. We’re standing up for one of the highest ideals of humanity : that government should balance the protection of individual liberty with a concern for the collective good. At a time when so many in power seem to have forgotten the “collective good” part, we’re here to remind them. In fact, we’re here to do more than remind. We are here to insist, through the powers given to the people through free elections, that the cry for democracy be heard amidst the clanging cymbals of meaninglessness that pass for politics today.

From our earliest days as a nation and continuing through today, world politics has been an ongoing contest between those seeking to expand the practice of democracy and those seeking to diminish it. When not only one, but both major political parties in the world have become in too many cases mere handmaidens to the new corporate order of things, it’s more important than ever – because we are patriots – to stand up and say, “Hell, no!” We are not just doing this for ourselves. We are doing this for generations to come.

  1. Exercise emotional self-discipline. Personal negativity expressed towards individuals carrying the banner of the corporatocracy diminishes our power to create the alternative.

Just as a professional athlete literally can’t afford 0.01 % of a second to decry the dumb mistake he or she might have made a moment previously, we can’t afford the time or energy it would take to simply complain about what we don’t want. We need the time, and the energy, to promote what we do want. Demonizing individuals undercuts the moral and spiritual power of humanity and humans have to remain above it . “Non-violence” means more than a refusal to pick up a weapon; it means the refusal to give in to violent thoughts or words of any kind. There are ways to passionately disagree without being hateful. Many of the people we most disagree with are using the tools of democracy no differently than we are, and have a right to do so. We should spend less time demonizing them, and more time emulating their efforts. Our biggest problems today do not stem from illegal efforts so much as from legal ones — legal now, sad to say, because of the actions of our own governments . The only tool powerful enough to override this too-often legal tide toward democratization, is the legal use of the tools of democracy. We just need to kick ass and make this happen.

  1. Reject the propaganda that someone else’s win is inevitable.

There were many who said we could never abolish slavery, that women would never get the right to vote, that institutionalized segregation was here to stay, and gays would never be allowed to marry. Today, the propagandistic effort to defeat  is through minimizing human endeavor . Let’s remember that the economy of slavery was a powerful machine, too.

The elite sees the size of public rallies across the country, and they’re more concerned about it than they’re letting on. Don’t succumb to their pretension that they’ve got this all sewn up, because in their hearts they know that they don’t. Do whatever you can, on any given day, to keep spreading the word that a political revolution is needed . If we each raise our voices in whatever way possible, the cry of freedom that this effort represents will ring across the land, continue to accrue to the outcome the force and passion it is already building, and achieve in time his winning the nomination and ultimately humanity .

If enough of us make the effort, then the revolution will come about. If enough of us don’t, then it will not. But this isn’t the time in history to sit out the effort, that’s for sure. “Will I succeed? I can’t guarantee you that. But I can tell you that from a human point of view it is better to show up than to give up.”

If enough of us stand , we’ll do what generations before us have done so magnificently: we will have proven that, in the final analysis, humans are serious about protecting and fostering the first principles that make this world great. Often, humans are distracted and wake up late to what is truly going on. But when we do wake up, we’ve proven time and time again that we can slam it like nobody’s business. Now is such a time. It’s time to wake up. It’s time to slam it. It’s time to win this transformation .