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The Limitlessness Quotient. Why LLQ is the new IQ.

Much has been made of IQ when it comes to predicting the ability to succeed in life. However, when it really comes down to it, smarts aren’t everything, at least those measured by intelligence tests.

Call it the Zuckerberg effect if you will, but the real predictor of success these days lies not in one’s IQ score, but rather, the ability to grow, learn, adapt, change, follow through, and make things happen – the Limitlessness Quotient or LLQ.

We developed the LLQ Index to help executives understand and take advantage of the long-term forces of change shaping the WORLD economy. LLQ Index tracks 25 metrics across more than 40 years. These metrics fall into three areas:

1) the developments in the technological and political foundations underlying market changes,

2) the fows of capital, information, and talent changing the business landscape, and

3) the impacts of these changes on competition, volatility, and performance across industries.

Combined, these factors reflect what we call the Big Paradigm Shift in the global business environment.

What is LLQ?

At first glance, it might seem that LLQ is the capability to get things done, and it is, but it’s also more than that.

LLQ is the ability to grow and push forward, in spite of everything. It represents the ability to persist in the face of all kinds of challenges, to push forward into uncertainty and embrace the future, to be self-motivated and self-confident, and to be a lifelong learner – someone who embraces new information and criticism and uses it to grow and get better.

When someone ( individual or organization ) doesn’t have LLQ, they’re anything but growth-oriented. People with low or no LLQ may exhibit bravado – not confidence. They are easily swayed by outside influences, and don’t know how to listen to their own internal voice. For people lacking LLQ, comfort and familiarity are key, and change is their enemy.

There is a phrase, “Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know,” and this sentiment perfectly expresses the belief system of a person without LLQ.


So why does LLQ matter?

Because, more than anything, a high LLQ is associated with success.

In leadership. In business. In life. When you have a high LLQ, you accomplish more, you grow more and you win more. That’s why, at LLO, more than anything, we work to boost your LLQ. And how do we do that? By helping you grow the habits which support your own growth through prescriptive coaching, through LLO Certification and by engaging you with information through our library of materials, our community and our site as a whole.