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All Time is Now

DISCOVER The Book A book that teaches you to question your reality and redefine life and success on your own terms. Towards your Limit Less Self !!!!!

About the Author

Adventurer I Thrill Seeker I Believes in turning ideas into reality.

25+ years of challenging career professionally & personally.

Traits: Results Driven, Decisive Business Leader with diverse global perspective leading global expansions, growth strategies, turnarounds, set-up/profitably operated Business/Service Companies in Oil & Gas E&P, R&M, Sports/MICE Industry, Retail, TME, PetChem, Textiles, Corporate Security, Real Estate, Logistics, BFSI, HeathCare, Power, BlockChain, IOT, AI, SpaceTech, Drones, FinTech, Fashion.

Investment: Manages/Co-Invests in alternative assets/ICOs with top family offices & institutional investor.

Leadership Style: Drive financial results with focus on customer, innovation, efficient board & sound corporate culture.

Experience: Investment Banking (IB) I Global Business Execution I Corporate Governance(CG) I Technology I Business Models I Product Development I Strategy I CRM I SCM I Innovation I Non-Profit Governance.

Director- DIN No: 06882212 MCA GOI.
NACD Director
Advisor JUSE Tokyo.
Judge Stevie Awards NYC.
CG Bodies.

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Hall of Fame-Mumbai,2011.
EFQM Business Excellence-Paris,2008.
Stevie’s (Oscar of Corporate World)-NYC,2005.
ASQ Team Excellence-Seattle,2005.

Consulting :
Advising Conglomerates in Asia, Europe & Americas on IB/M&A/Human Capital/Profitability/Productivity/Safety/Business Continuity/Sustainability/Risks with BSC.

Cognition Scientist.
MBA(CG), INSEAD Fontainebleau.
Electronics Engr.

Research: Prototyping with cognition scientists/quantum physicists an active Consciousness/epigenetic factors interface “SpaceOrgan”.

Blockchain SME: Ethical Brand I Board Governance I SCM I AdTech.

FB: jna onexthree
Twitter: jna1x3
Linkedin: jna1x3
G+ : jna1x3
Klout: jna1x3 (Global Influencer Score 50)