The Limiting Factor

All Time is Now


Human being are born conscious. The super consciousness is deep down in the human DNA. Over millions of years the DNA has built itself to adopt to complicated natural phenomenon. From a simple primate to a complex homo-sapience.

As the human population was increasing and thus competition to the resources were increasing, human who could access the resources had to struggle more. Smart enough, they created structures and super structure to limit some while have advantage to others.

Hence: Language, Culture, Religion and Education were the instrument to the same. Some use it for the advantage while others fall a trap.

Language Limitation

Map is not the territory. Our expression of reality is not the reality but the nearest approximation of the realization. The approximation attempts to be more closer with wider vocabulary. One is always handicapped with the limited knowledge of the choices of words.

Expression is limited to the knowledge of the words and mastery of the art to use them. Human consciousness has always been limited due to language. It is so hard wired today that we easily fall in the trap of the same.

Over the years people learn to limit the consciousness and we see the impact in creativity and critical analysis which is genetically encoded in human DNA.

Cultural Limitation

Culture is community learning and adoption of the best practices. Over the generation, people learn to keep the culture than build one. And, end-up building dogama, tabbo and myth over the same. Once upon a time, such belief should have been the greatest breakthrough due to limitations of our understanding at that point of time and space.

People forget the process of cultural adoption and keep limiting themselves to protecting the culture in changed context. Thus, it limits the possibility of explorations, adoption and testing the practices.

Culture can be one of the limiting factor to human growth of consciousness.

Religious Limitation

Much like the culture, religion is more rigid and limiting to human exploration of mysticism.

Built over long list of faith, one is heavily discouraged to question, critically analysis. One accepts to individual choices, religion are next big limiting factor.

Both discarding, changing and questioning such strong belief system demands heavy courage and struggle. Spiritual explorations are always handicapped by every means.

Educational Limitation

Education had to be the process of managing learning among the students. It has been more of information transfer and communication either written or spoken to see the common practices.

When there is shift from learning to information consumption much like fast food culture around, education is next limiting factor to human consciousness.


As we are conscious being the super consciousness always is lucrative and we are fascinated by the same.

Sometimes we fall in the trap of wonderful communicator for their mastery of language and words and fall in illusion of truth as it there exist one.

Many a time, we give up to the name of culture and can not isolate to understand the values embedded in the system and see if they are still relevant or time obsolete.

Some time we surrender to the mystic in the name of religion and forget the vast realm of spirituality.

Most of the time we fail to question education and take it as next religion. We forget to question the axioms, ask the validity of the statements and challenge the established notions.

The super consciousness comes from the freedom to explore every realm of life not the devotion or surrendering to anything, anyone or any idea.